Dad King Lear Creates Nasty Sibling Rivalry

In King Lear, a Shakespearean drama about an sibling rivalry around an aging retiring king. Lear spurns and then casts out his favorite daughter Cordellia, who he expected to care for him in his old age.

Cordelia fails to falsely flatter Lear as do  her other two scheming  sisters . Instead of  dividing  up the kingdom between the three of the sisters , Lear’s ego explodes in what the Greeks called hubris, and sets himself up for the giant fall.

He banishes Cordelia and give her part of his kingdom to his covetous malevolent daughters Regan and Gonerel.  When these adult children betray him, Cordelia, now married to a king, comes back with her husband’s army to save him, forgiving her father for his sins and dying herself in the process.

Before her death with newfound humility Lear begs repentance. “I am a very foolish fond old man,” he tells Cordelia and she has   “some cause” to hate him Cordelia’s forgiveness (“No cause, no, cause”) reconciles the father and daughter for a flicker of time, happiness prevails.

Are you in throws of sibling wars and don’t want to lose your kingdom? Find out more about sibling rivalry and how to repair it.

About momlovesyoubest

Cathy Cress holds an MSW in Aging from U.C. Berkeley. Her new book Mom Loves You Best, Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships , New Horizon Press, was published October 2010. Cress’s book , Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Jones and Bartlett, is the bible of geriatric care management and is out out in a third edition in February 2011 .Her book Care Managers, Working With the Aging Family, Jones and Bartlett,2008 is one of the few major books on the aging family. Ms. Cress is the founder of GCM Consult ,working with small and national who want to add or launch GCM businesses. She is on the faculty at the University of Florida in their on line master’s in geriatric care management -GCM . She has taught geriatric care management at San Francisco State University , UC Berkeley and teaches at Cabrillo College and San Mateo College. She was founder and director of Cresscare, a GCM business, for 25 years.
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