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Happy Father’s Day Tips to New Dads a Twin Siblings

Giving birth to twins, turns your life upside down. If you are or your wife are a type A -get ready to switch to type C or D. Twins hit your house like an earthquake. Continue reading

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Parenting Twin Siblings- as Individuals

Parents, family members, and friends often fall into the trap of calling them “the twins,” “the boys,” or “the girls.” -leaving twins feeling very unappreciated as individuals. Continue reading

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Sisters- The Most Golden Siblings

My daughter Jill just spent her third weekend down here in LA, where I have moved to help Jill’s sister Kali with her new twin boys, Dylan and Liam. This trip Jill stayed up all night (along with granddad Pete) so the parents could sleep the night. She helped them conceive a Google calendar for twin care for July, when we will move back to Santa Cruz. Continue reading

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