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Is All The Air Sucked Out Of Your Family By Adult Sibling Rivalry?

This giant adult sibling elephant is taking up miles of space in your midlife family room. What ever happened you feel like a victim and your sibling is the villain. Continue reading

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Do You Want Your Twins Siblings To Be a Zerox or Original Copy?

But the Olsen, twins, of Full House fame- and most twins- do not want to merge their personas and make slip -strike shift under their other twins’ identity. They want their own individual personalities. Continue reading

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Are Your Blood, Half and Step Siblings in an Endless War ?

If you are Generation X and your parents were divorced- you might point your finger at your baby boomer parents – how they approached marriage and family relationships. Continue reading

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Want to make a New Years Resolution to raise your kids as closer siblings ?

Parents are like turtles. They carry the carapace of their childhood sibling clashes with them into their own parenting. Moms and dads re-create their own brother and sister issues- once again- with their own children. How?? Continue reading

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