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Mom Loves You Best Now Out on Kindle

My book Mom Loves You Best Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships, New Horizon Press is now out on Kindle. Continue reading

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What Check List Do You Or Your Midlife siblings need during summer visit to aging parents?

Here is a checklist for midlife siblings to take , on your summer visit I have given you ten red flags to watch for when you spend time with aging parents. This means you may have to get out your magnifying glass, like Sherlock Holmes, and really look for clues. Continue reading

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Do you need to have an Aging Parent Midlife Family Meeting Before the Next Hurricane/Disaster

Hurricane season is upon us. Alberto and Beryl hit BEFORE the start of season June 1. When Tropical storm Debbie amassed on June 23 it was the very first time four tropical storms formed before July since reliable records began in 1851. Continue reading

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Are You and Your Midlife Siblings Going to Spoil The Fourth of July Barbeque?

Celebrations like today’s family Fourth of July barbeque or gathering are not time to discuss family /sibling problems. This is true especially if there is lots of alcohol involved. Continue reading

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Eight Tips For Father’s Day Celebrations To Keep It Sibling Stress Free

It is a party not a family meeting. If you want to talk about personal issues, make a date to get together with your angry sister/brother. Continue reading

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Caring for Aging Parents- Which Sib is the Pitcher- Which Sib on the Farm Team

Are you and your midlife siblings already worrying about your aging parents? Even if the problem has just come up- Dad’s bad driving, Mom burning pots, a crisis that ended one of them in the hospital with the doctor warning you to form a sibling team – check out your present teammates and see who is the pitcher, who’s the catcher and who is on the farm team and will never get to the big leagues. Continue reading

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Can Young Siblings Help Care for Grandma? Ask NPR

NPR has an excellent new series – Family Matters . A recent segment covered young siblings Lauren and Chris supporting their great grandmother Continue reading

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