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Do You Have a Sister-? Then You Have The Strongest Sibling Bond .

If you have mended your connection with your sister, you have strengthened the ties with a best friend. Continue reading

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Is There Sibling Violence in Your Family?

Violence between brothers was the most common among siblings. In fact the rates of injuries with weapons was highest with brothers.

Continue reading

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Boardwalk Empire’s Knucky and Eli –Irate Sibs

siblings are a thread in the sorted – but so true tale of Boardwalk Empire – fabulously conceived by Martin Scorsese and Terence Winters. The series is based on Nelson Johnson’s great book about my hometown. Continue reading

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Sister’s the Best Sibling a Brother Can Have

If two sisters have resolved their struggles, they have repaired more than their bond. Of all siblings, researchers report the greatest degree of intimacy and unconditional love among sisters. Continue reading

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Sibling Bookclub on You Tube

Tune into novels memoirs and mysteries with Cain and Abel, violence and murder, brother estrangement and catty sister siblings. Continue reading

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