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Sibling Team Can Prevent Aging Parent Hospital Readmissions

What midlife sisters and brothers urgently have to do when aging parents need care-is to form a sibling squad. This means fielding that team long before a hospital admission Continue reading

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Modern Family- Great for Gen X Parents In All it’s Extensions

Sharing the burden lifts a bit of the heavy load of parenting in a two-income economy, where Mom’s and Dad’s have two sometimes three jobs to keep a family together. Continue reading

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Is All The Air Sucked Out Of Your Family By Adult Sibling Rivalry?

This giant adult sibling elephant is taking up miles of space in your midlife family room. What ever happened you feel like a victim and your sibling is the villain. Continue reading

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Do You Want Your Twins Siblings To Be a Zerox or Original Copy?

But the Olsen, twins, of Full House fame- and most twins- do not want to merge their personas and make slip -strike shift under their other twins’ identity. They want their own individual personalities. Continue reading

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PTSD Sibling Post Holiday Therapy Needed?Take This Test.

If the main villain in the family tragedy is a sibling or step sibling – here’s a post holiday quiz to see if you need help. Continue reading

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Who Will Be The Favorite Child This Chistmas?

Cleopatra was her father’s favorite child.  As the royal pet ,she killed at least two of her siblings and her father murdered another- to  triply insure her  destined  role as the beloved child and  Egypt’s most  storied ruler. In Stacy … Continue reading

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Judy Garland and Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands face the Holidays

Johnny Depp is another victim of Christmas, as mutant Edward Scissorhands, as a Frankenstein fictive sibling. On Christmas Eve ,the mutant blade- fingered Depp almost fits in with his adoptive family, including sister Winona Rider, then misery strikes Continue reading

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Ten Tips About Succeeding as a Step Grandparent Over The Holidays

Being a step grandparent is about love and action – not blood. So here are some tips about putting that love into action . Continue reading

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What are the Alarm Bells When Visiting Aging Parents Over Holidays?

But you and your sibling may have some nasty parental surprises on the holidays to prompt you to rethink the endless sibling cut off. Continue reading

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Is Your Sister Being Michele Bachman at Thanksgiving ?

Which sibling is organizing Thanksgiving this year- like they organize everything- then tell you what to do. ? Usually it’s the sibling role of the bossy sister. Continue reading

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