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What Check List Do You Or Your Midlife siblings need during summer visit to aging parents?

Here is a checklist for midlife siblings to take , on your summer visit I have given you ten red flags to watch for when you spend time with aging parents. This means you may have to get out your magnifying glass, like Sherlock Holmes, and really look for clues. Continue reading

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Is There Sibling Violence in Your Family?

Violence between brothers was the most common among siblings. In fact the rates of injuries with weapons was highest with brothers.

Continue reading

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Have Post Holiday Blues About Fractured Family Rules?

Want to make a New Year’s resolution to change the rules that put you through such annual misery? Continue reading

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Is Your Sister Being Michele Bachman at Thanksgiving ?

Which sibling is organizing Thanksgiving this year- like they organize everything- then tell you what to do. ? Usually it’s the sibling role of the bossy sister. Continue reading

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Summer Sibing Rivalry Sizzling ?

Especially in summer, when kids are out of school, if Mom’s and Dad’s reach out to nearby family, parents can downgrade present and even future sibling rivalry and strife. Continue reading

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Kim Iverson Wants to Know About Sibling Rivalry

Was interviewed last night about midlife sibling rivalry by radio Host Kim Iverson on the Your Time with Kim Iverson show. A sibling connection silenced by sibling rivalry can sound like chalk scraping on a blackboard . Creedence Clearwater Revival, … Continue reading

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Are you a sibling who is dreading Thanksgiving?

Is your family gathering in the planning stages of turkey day and you are already thinking of ditching to avoid a sibling? Holidays can sometimes trigger old brother or sister hurts that never healed. Joy to the World can turn … Continue reading

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Telling Your Sibling “I Hate You” Story to Someone Else

If you have a sibling I Hate You Story and wrote it down, you have begun the process of intention- to change that “ I Hate You story” and reestablish your sibling relationship. Intention started with writing down what happened … Continue reading

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What Were The Rules in Your Family?

Every family has a set of laws for siblings : “Never mash spaghetti into your sister’s hair.” “Do not slug your brother.” “Always look out for your sister.” These rules allow the family to function. But many family rules are … Continue reading

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Do You Have Kids With Sibling Rivalry Issues?

If you are a parent of young children or teens who you feel have sibling rivalry issues that you want to nip in the bud, you can help your children write their own “I Hate You” story. Through your guidance … Continue reading

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