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Mom Loves You Best Now Out on Kindle

My book Mom Loves You Best Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships, New Horizon Press is now out on Kindle. Continue reading

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What Check List Do You Or Your Midlife siblings need during summer visit to aging parents?

Here is a checklist for midlife siblings to take , on your summer visit I have given you ten red flags to watch for when you spend time with aging parents. This means you may have to get out your magnifying glass, like Sherlock Holmes, and really look for clues. Continue reading

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Midlife Sibling Family Disaster plan- Agenda for Family Meeting

You need a disaster plan because older people are more likely to die in heat wave disasters like the broiling one this week. Continue reading

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What Is a Sibling Family Meeting? Fast Flash Directions

A sibling family meeting is a conference between sibling to solve large or small sibling problems . Continue reading

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What is the Go Around Technique ?- A Great Tool for Kid family meetings

Family meetings give parents an excellent tool to listen to both sides of a sibling argument. They provide a safe arena where you can impose rules about each person taking a turn to express his or her viewpoint. Continue reading

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Eight Tips For Father’s Day Celebrations To Keep It Sibling Stress Free

It is a party not a family meeting. If you want to talk about personal issues, make a date to get together with your angry sister/brother. Continue reading

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Late Life Remarriage=I Am My Own In- Law?

Get ready for the future. In twenty-first century midlife, not only do we frequently get divorced and remarried, but our aging parents do as well. Sometimes shockingly, we may acquire unexpected stepsiblings through a parent’s unforeseen late-life marriage. Continue reading

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Is All The Air Sucked Out Of Your Family By Adult Sibling Rivalry?

This giant adult sibling elephant is taking up miles of space in your midlife family room. What ever happened you feel like a victim and your sibling is the villain. Continue reading

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The Weather Outside Is Frightful for Dysfunctional Families

If you’re in a dysfunctional family or suspect you might be – cheer yourself up by watching other people’s pain. Go to the movies . Continue reading

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Red Flags for a Sibling “I Hate You” Story Pre- Holiday Daze

Perhaps your brother was pushy or slugged you behind Mom’s back. Maybe you had sisters who got much the new prom dress when you did Goodwill. Divorce may have shattered that family nest like a hurricane leaving you with a dual life of two houses, two beds, two sets of parents, stepsiblings, left you a and a rudderless childhood. Continue reading

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