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Mom Loves You Best Now Out on Kindle

My book Mom Loves You Best Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships, New Horizon Press is now out on Kindle. Continue reading

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Step Siblings, Blood Siblings- Will it Be a :Summer Family Reuinion or Family Meeting

Did those step siblings who entered your life when Mom divorced Dad and married again, destroy your warm family nest? Continue reading

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How to Avoid Sibling Wars With Your Kids- Family Meetings

Family meetings are an excellent tool for letting you listen to both sides of a sibling argument. They provide a safe arena where you can impose rules about each person taking a turn to express his or her viewpoint. Continue reading

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Sisters- the Best Sibling- Find Out Why in a Flash

Sisters are the best siblings to have for both brothers and sisters. Find out why. Continue reading

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Can Young Siblings Help Care for Grandma? Ask NPR

NPR has an excellent new series – Family Matters . A recent segment covered young siblings Lauren and Chris supporting their great grandmother Continue reading

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Midlife Sibling War on Memorial Day Barbecue? Get a Fire Extinguisher.

  Are you dreading the Memorial Day family barbeque?  .Will your estranged brother be manning the barbeque while you drink too much beer? Are you a midlife sibling at war with sister or brother? Worse than that, do you feel … Continue reading

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Is There Sibling Violence in Your Family?

Violence between brothers was the most common among siblings. In fact the rates of injuries with weapons was highest with brothers.

Continue reading

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