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Sibling Rivalry Stunning in Dowtown Abbey

Sibling Rivalry  is key to Downton Abbey. I arrived late to the soapish series -but fell hard. I was glued each Sunday like my mother to As The World Turns in the 50’s. I am jonesing now that the second … Continue reading

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Red Flags for a Sibling “I Hate You” Story Pre- Holiday Daze

Perhaps your brother was pushy or slugged you behind Mom’s back. Maybe you had sisters who got much the new prom dress when you did Goodwill. Divorce may have shattered that family nest like a hurricane leaving you with a dual life of two houses, two beds, two sets of parents, stepsiblings, left you a and a rudderless childhood. Continue reading

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My Own Sibling Tale

But this gives me a chance to talk about something I am always asked when I speak. Readers want to know, did I write this book Mom Loves You Best about my own sibling issues. The answer is – in part I did. Continue reading

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What Leads Siblings to Hurt Each Other Rules, Roles Circumstances

Mom Loves You Best- You Tube Video about what led your sibling to hurt you -up at http://www.youtube.com/user/Momlovesyoubest

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Caring for yourself as the caregiver is Key to Caring for Your Kids

Taking care of yourself as the caregiver is key to caring for others. If you are a parent of a teenagers or young children struggling with present sibling rivalry , avoiding a future “I Hate You” story starts with caring … Continue reading

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How to Write Your Sibling I Hate You Story

Writing Your “I Hate You” Story Let’s take a look at how to start to tell your sibling “I Hate You” story. First, we would like you to practice a relaxing exercise for a few days. This technique will help … Continue reading

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Avoid Sibling Rivalry- Listen For the Sound of Chalk Scraping on the Blackboard In Your Kids Relationship

Parent your children so that you are raising caring brothers and sisters in harmony. Spot sibling relationships that sound like chalk scraping on a blackboard. Harmony is more than a sound. It is difficult to slug it out, bully, or … Continue reading

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