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Are you a parent with twins or multiples?

I know. My daughter has 14 month old twin boys and I am in LA- well almost every month. Continue reading

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What is a sibling?

Exactly what is a sibling. This seems so basic- we always think we know what a brother or sister is . Continue reading

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Sisters- the Best Sibling- Find Out Why in a Flash

Sisters are the best siblings to have for both brothers and sisters. Find out why. Continue reading

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Are Female Siblings Violent Towards Brothers?

Researchers have found that while women are more likely to use physical aggression during disagreements, parents frequently are more upset by male aggression than female belligerence. This is true even when the abusive acts are identical (e.g., boys throwing objects during a fight is seen as a more serious transgression than girls throwing objects during a fight). Continue reading

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Is Your Sister Being Michele Bachman at Thanksgiving ?

Which sibling is organizing Thanksgiving this year- like they organize everything- then tell you what to do. ? Usually it’s the sibling role of the bossy sister. Continue reading

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Sister’s the Best Sibling a Brother Can Have

If two sisters have resolved their struggles, they have repaired more than their bond. Of all siblings, researchers report the greatest degree of intimacy and unconditional love among sisters. Continue reading

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Sisters- The Most Golden Siblings

My daughter Jill just spent her third weekend down here in LA, where I have moved to help Jill’s sister Kali with her new twin boys, Dylan and Liam. This trip Jill stayed up all night (along with granddad Pete) so the parents could sleep the night. She helped them conceive a Google calendar for twin care for July, when we will move back to Santa Cruz. Continue reading

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