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Mom Loves You Best Now Out on Kindle

My book Mom Loves You Best Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships, New Horizon Press is now out on Kindle. Continue reading

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How to Avoid Sibling Wars With Your Kids- Family Meetings

Family meetings are an excellent tool for letting you listen to both sides of a sibling argument. They provide a safe arena where you can impose rules about each person taking a turn to express his or her viewpoint. Continue reading

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Is All The Air Sucked Out Of Your Family By Adult Sibling Rivalry?

This giant adult sibling elephant is taking up miles of space in your midlife family room. What ever happened you feel like a victim and your sibling is the villain. Continue reading

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Want to make a New Years Resolution to raise your kids as closer siblings ?

Parents are like turtles. They carry the carapace of their childhood sibling clashes with them into their own parenting. Moms and dads re-create their own brother and sister issues- once again- with their own children. How?? Continue reading

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PTSD Sibling Post Holiday Therapy Needed?Take This Test.

If the main villain in the family tragedy is a sibling or step sibling – here’s a post holiday quiz to see if you need help. Continue reading

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Dreading Thanksgiving With Your Sibling?

I am looking for midlife sibling stories involving the fast approaching holidays. Are you a step sibling who has been invited to your stepmother’s house for turkey day and planning to down several cocktails to endure the meal? Continue reading

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Steps To Suture Old Sibling/Step Sibling Injuries

With some other brothers and sisters, especially step siblings – old emotional injury turns into a lesion that festers into midlife. Continue reading

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Sisters- The Most Golden Siblings

My daughter Jill just spent her third weekend down here in LA, where I have moved to help Jill’s sister Kali with her new twin boys, Dylan and Liam. This trip Jill stayed up all night (along with granddad Pete) so the parents could sleep the night. She helped them conceive a Google calendar for twin care for July, when we will move back to Santa Cruz. Continue reading

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Raise Kids on Good Sibiling Rules- Not Silent Bad Ones

What we have learned from our midlife “I Hate You” stories is that not saying family rules out loud can be lethal to a sibling relationship. Rules have to be fair, yet they can’t be silent. Continue reading

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Sibling Rivalry Delivered With New baby-Ways to a Safe Birth

If a new baby arrives, all the older siblings, who are no longer that special baby ,probably don’t feel very feel there’s enough love to spread around in the overflowing family nest. Continue reading

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